Serving Up: Essays on food, identity and culture

By Zoe Adjonyoh

A new and vital food-inspired anthology examining the politics behind what we eat.

Thursday, 3 February 2022

Contributor Spotlight: Introducing Cynthia Greenlee!

Introducing Cynthia Greenlee - one of our amazing contributors for the #ServingUp #crowdfunder w/ @unbounders!

Title: 'Some days, I am charcuterie. Some days, I am hot dogs.'

Synopsis: By some trick of professionalism and class mobility, I have found myself as a "food writer" — though I don't define myself that way (rather, I'm a historian and journalist who writes about Black culture and food as part of that). But part of my identity is unabashed gustatory code switching: Lamb is my love language, but I cannot resist a comely gas station frank, North Carolina style. My catholic eating preferences came from my father, who found food in gas stations and holes in the wall, and my mother, who grew up on a farm and developed a seemingly unlikely taste for a variety of Asian cuisines, particularly Vietnamese (because our North Carolina city became one of the nation's largest centers for resettling refugees from Southeast Asia in the 1970s and 1980s). This piece explores the idea of "taste" and my country cosmopolitan taste — developed in the U.S. South and across its diverse regions, despite our idea of a Southern monoculture, parochialism, and an all-things fried food scene.

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