By Anna Lickley

Senseless is at heart an illustration of the messy unpredictability of love and life and the resilience of the human spirit.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Senseless News 16


Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote an update.

Facebook reminded me yesterday that I sent my pitch to Unbound on 9th March 2017 so this time last year, I was very much on tenterhooks to know if they would accept my book. I’m not sure of the exact date I had confirmation that they would but I’m hoping FB will remind me of that too as no doubt I posted and enormously excited, OMG post!

I do know that my crowdfunding adventure began around the first week in August 2017 and my project page for that was set up pretty soon after getting the amazing news. I’d guess I had been waiting about 4-months. Ouch!

If you read the first chapter excerpt that appears on my project page now, you will see the post structural edit version. I hope you like it. We thought that the previous version had some distractions from the main focus of the chapter (ie Dan’s disappearance) and that by starting the chapter with the in-car conversation between Rick and Beth instead of having it looked back on as she opens her front door, you see theaction happening in real time, which is hopefully more compelling to read.

It’s all very exciting and the MS has changed a lot in the same vein. It is now with the copy editor and due back to me around March 20th and then I will be madly reading through it again! Some advice I’ve had so as not to get drawn into the story thus missing pesky typos is to read the manuscript backwards (eg ‘.day lovely a was It’ not ‘It was a lovely day’.). This should slow the reading down and help me to see every word as a unit. Problem is, I might need 2 months to read all 55k ish words!

This calls for G&T. Oh! I had some :) (The photo taken two days ago. Apt as cards also feature in Senseless)


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Steph Osborn
 Steph Osborn says:

Thanks for the update, Anna. All does sound exciting and can see why a G&T is needed for the typo checking! Look forward to hearing more soon...

posted 14th March 2018

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