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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Looking at my project page, I notice the vase of daffodils next to me in the video. I made the video when I pitched to Unbound with the hope that they’d be interested in publishing Senseless.

How much has happened since then! And the seasons have been rolling in their usual manner so that daffodil time is almost upon us again.

So where are we now in this process? I have had my first insightful structural edit from Gill, followed her cunning plans and returned the manuscript to her. Now, the re-worked manuscript is back with me. Gill has once again made brilliant comments and suggestions for further tweaks but has also said some lovely encouraging things to spur me on.

I am not sure I am allowed to share but if you are reading this update it means that I am as it must have passed the Unbound censors!

Gill commented ‘I’m hugely impressed with how it’s all hanging together now – it’s a gripping, endearing story now, with lots of pace combined with great characterisation. It just needs a little more TLC’

I have three weeks. Feeling suitably buoyed :)

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