By Anna Lickley

Senseless is at heart an illustration of the messy unpredictability of love and life and the resilience of the human spirit.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Senseless campaign News 8

Well, wow again, we have got to 76% funded and we’re only on day 48. Time for a final push, any help with sharing the project very very much appreciated.

I had a great weekend with the Calvert Trust but no photos yet although most of the activities seemed to involve going down anyway and so definitely not symbolic of this constantly ascending Crowdfunding! Giant swings, zip wires and abseiling were lots of fun.

Recently read an article where well-known authors gave writing tips. My author-idol, Rose Tremain, wrote about what she calls the September Paradox. Just as autumn is setting in and things start dying, days get shorter etc, her writing mind becomes more alive and her ideas flow.

Interestingly, the same has been happening in my head too in the last few weeks. I do have something in common with the brilliant Rose Tremain after all!

I have had an idea of an opening for a new novel that I am going to call Educating Peter. The plot outline is in place. What do you think of this beginning?

‘Peter Jenkins was one of the very last people to be born in the 1950s. Just as his father was bringing the platter of party poppers from the kitchen to the lounge and handing them to his friends, his mother was upstairs panting in agony and pushing with all her might. Just as the revellers downstairs were beginning to count down from 10, the midwife was pulling Peter’s mucus covered self from his mother. As the clocks began to chime 12 and there was a great cheer from downstairs, his mother was collapsing into her pillows in exhaustion. Someone began to sing Waltzing Matilda because they didn’t know the words to Auld Lang syne, which was greeted by hysterical mirth from the drunken guests and Peter let out his first cries of protest at being dragged, pulled and forced into the cold, hostile world’

What do you think? It might change completely, I don’t love it. First draft and all that plus there are a few things I need to Google such as: were party poppers around in 1959? When was Waltzing Matilda first written and sung?

Anyway, there’s Senseless to read first once we have finished this Crowdfunding malarky. Please please keep the kettle boiling and spread the word. Only 24 little percentees to go! I can’t wait for you to read it! Doodle doo!! x


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