By Anna Lickley

Senseless is at heart an illustration of the messy unpredictability of love and life and the resilience of the human spirit.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Senseless Campaign News 6

We did it!!

End of week 5 (that’s 35 days) and made it to 66% funded (that’s TWO THIRDS!!!). Put that into perspective: Unbound suggest 90 days for funding a project, that’s another 55 days from now and we have already arrived in what I feel is the home stretch. Uncanny! Masterful! Amazing!

I think I have mentioned once or twice that I can’t wait for Senseless to become real? The biggest reason is that there are so many characters waiting to be discovered by you when you read it. Besides Beth and Dan there is Rick, Sam, Gemma, Alice, Joe, Sarah, Jack… and they are all tugging my arms right now and dying to be given life (‘dying to be given life’, oh dear Anna!).

Just looking forward to you reading it and hearing what you think.

I have been putting together a cast list, ready for when Senseless is adapted for a BBC drama. One of the characters will be played by Nicola Walker and one perhaps by Tom Hiddleston (worth a try?). When you have read it, you can tell me if you think they would be good at playing any of the roles and which ones.

Unbelievably, the next boulder milestone is 75%, do keep spreading the word to anyone who loves books, stories and/ or exciting journeys into the literary world!


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