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Senseless Campaign News 5

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Hello! Just been looking at the Senseless project page and we have reached 65% funded! Only one little percent gets us to the 66% boulder milestone I would love to reach by Friday. (Friday marks the end of week 5 since launch date)

This time last week, we were at 56% so, again, pretty awesome.

An odd thing happened today, I was alerted to a link to an article that mentions my first book Catch It Anytime You Can. Odd because I'm sure I wrote the article for someone else (its pretty medical as it was an NF2 thing) and I definitely did not come up with that headline. Might be wrong, my memory is a seive. Here is the article

I like the photo. You can see more about the book at

But anyway, please help me get the one percent by Friday!! x



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