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Thursday, 31 August 2017


I am really stunned now :) Just over a week ago, I was on 39% with 93 Senseless supporters. I am now, incredibly, at 58% with 106 of you!

Each week I think ‘pledges may slow down and plateau for a while, that’s ok’ and then you have other ideas.

Last Sunday was THE most unbelievable day. I turned on my computer in the morning (I still use a good, old fashioned desk top pc) and checked my pledge level (becoming a habit). There had been no change from the 45% of the evening before, of course.

 I thought it would be a quiet day with it being bank holiday weekend  for family time, barbeques, ice creams and things but, when I checked again around lunch time my funding total was 54%. Was I reading that right? (rub eyes). Just as I was double checking, my total changed to 56% ping ping

What is this? 11% in 4 hrs! I had had another amazingly enormous generous pledge, thank you is no longer sufficient so THANK YOU XXXXXXXX

Onwards then, the next boulder milestone is 66.6666%. In my last post, I was imagining if each of you  told one friend and encouraged them to pledge, I am still dreaming :)

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