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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hello Senseless supporters.

Wow, I hoped to get back from the weekend and be at 33.33% but I was actually at 37% (now 39!).

I mentioned that no one had splashed out to name my horse and then by some wonderful, alchemic magic, someone did! I do know who it was and know too the new name of the horse  but neither will be revealed until Senseless is in print :) That is just fantastic, so many thank yous!!

On that note, I notice that no-one has splashed out on ‘The Long Shot!’. Not only will you get to come to my book launch party, have your books signed and receive a massive hug but your name will appear in every edition of Senseless, even when it is translated into Hungarian. We will probably also become friends on Facebook and I will wrangle you a ticket to the premiere of Senseless: the Movie (splutter)

Haha- worth a try?

In other news, here are some photos of my weekend.  I found climbing to be much like crowdfunding: it is no good looking all the way up and thinking you will never get to the top. All you can do is go boulder by boulder. I am definitely passed 39% in that photo and in the end I did get to the top. That’s 100%. It’s a sign!!

With that in mind, my next boulder milestone is 50%, HALF WAY, let’s go! x

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