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Senseless Campaign News 10

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

This will be the final blog headed Senseless Campaign News.

Why? I hear you ask

Because the campaign is finished!! I'm sure you got an emal from Unbound yesterday with the news or have seen my Facebook enthusiasm but just in case not. SENSELESS IS 100% FUNDED!

I feel slightly overwhelmed :) I have found the whole Crowdfunding process exhausting but exhilarating. Not only has it been wonderful to see such support and generosity of funds and time, it has re-connected me with friends I had completely lost touch with and introduced me to new ones.

It has also given me a sense of ownership of Senseless and it will be special to have all your names in there too and feel you are part of it. Really only possible because of you!

You can still pledge and pre-order copies and, for the time being, get your name in the book. There will come a time when names of supporters can no longer be added but there will be a message on my project page when that happens.

What happens next is the development/ strutural edit. You can read more about it here:





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