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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cool news, there are 70 people on-board the Senseless Campaign! I know several people who rarely use the Internet and never use Social Media or do on-line shopping. These friends can still join the campaign by asking someone else to pledge on their behalf. The kind person who does so can then enter the pledger’s details so that their names will still appear in the book and they will receive copies hot off the press just like anyone who pledges themselves.

You may like to look at the FAQs (scroll to the bottom of the page and the link to them is at the bottom left)

There’re interesting answers there about the publishing process, once we have got to the target (still creeping upwards). Have a look because it’s fascinating to see what is involved in the whole process.

Again, thank you so much Senseless supporters for your Senseless support, whether through pledging or spreading the word. Please think of your friends who don’t use Social media but may like to get involved in the Senseless campaign,

Hope you had a good weekend x

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