Second-Hand Stories

By Josh Spero

The amazing stories behind my second-hand books and the people who owned them

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Second-Hand Stories in the media

I've been very lucky lately: some media outlets have taken an interest in Second-Hand Stories and given me airtime or bandwidth to promote it. You may have thrilled/shuddered to hear me debate the merits of old books and marginalia with Erica Wagner on Today last Saturday; you can hear the spot here. And I was interviewed for a popular American literary blog, Q&A style. If either of these brought you in, welcome - and thank you.

If you take the New Statesman, I have a piece about my book in the one due out next Thursday, and an article will be coming out in History Today soon too. All this writing is why I haven't been in the Shed for a few weeks...

In next week's Shed post, I'll talk about a couple of lives I didn't pursue.

Feel free to use the question facility at the bottom of my page to ask me anything.

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