Seas of Snow

By Kerensa Jennings

A psychological thriller that explores whether evil is born or made

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Waiting in the wings

It feels a little like being backstage in a production, waiting for the curtains to rise. You can hear the murmur of anticipation from the wings. But you don't know what the reception will be like. Whether the performance will do justice to your vision.

Or in the gallery making a TV show, watching the clock ticking down and feeling the adrenalin course through the veins. That buzz of excitement in the air when the team gets into position and shuffles into silence.

It's almost time, and the nerves and exhilaration are wrestling each other for pole position. All the preparation, the fine tuning, the effort - leading up to this moment...

And - action!

Being on Unbound with my psychological thriller SEAS OF SNOW  is the first time I've ever tried crowdfunding. Although harnessing the wisdom of the crowd is something I've done many times in the work environment, and I'm a huge advocate. This feels a bit scary - because this is personal. I'm putting my concept out there and hoping enough people will find it intriguing. Hoping enough people will want to find out more, and breathe life into my book.

When I've run programmes and projects at the BBC and in my current role at Seven Hills, I'm used to working within the framework of a higher purpose. In this venture, it's a far more solo endeavour. The stakes are high because you just don't know if your idea will take flight. My higher purpose here is all about my desire to create and produce. My love of literature and the need to write. My passion for poetry and my deep interest in the neuro-plasticity of the mind.

The infrastructure around me at Unbound lends the operation a strong feeling of team. These people really care, and it shows. My editorial lead here is Georgia Odd - and she has worked tirelessly with me to understand the process - and everything from helping to craft a compelling synopsis to organising the filming of the video. I was amazed when the Head of Publishing, Mathew Clayton, personally came to the shoot and worked with the fantastic director Mark Bowsher and cameraman Jake Martin to ensure the film would capture the tone of the book and a sense of story. I was even more amazed when the Unbound head of crowdfunding Jimmy Leach came to give me a personal masterclass because the tube strike thwarted my attempts to attend the group session.

So yes, it's a solo endeavour on one level - but everyone involved is taking a risk on this project, and everyone is invested in it. We're all working together to try to make it a success. 

If you like the sound of the synopsis and feel drawn in by the excerpt, please do spread the word, and do whatever you can to help. To the wonderful people who have already been so generous in these very early stages - I can't thank you enough for investing your belief in the work. We're moving from backstage to onstage, from off-air to on-air. Let the story begin...


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