Seas of Snow

By Kerensa Jennings

A psychological thriller that explores whether evil is born or made

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

Dear Seas of Snow supporter,
As the Summer sky greys and whites into a bleak, rainy day, it seems a good time to write to you again. The sound track is breezes whispering through the leaves of my garden and some classic Ella Fitzgerald; the view is white rose petals whirring in eddies through the green.

It's been an exciting few weeks. The cover art for the book has been finalised - and a publication date set - 9th February 2017. February apparently being the optimum month to launch debut fiction.

Penguin's showcase page is beginning to make all this feel very real...

And here it is... Stunningly executed by Unbound's art director - Mark Ecob, the designer behind The Wake, Unbound's Man Booker longlisted novel which won The Bookseller Industry Book of The Year Award 2015, and Alice Jolly's memoir, which just won the Pen Ackerley prize. As you can see from his website, among a roll call of other extraordinary authors from Iain Banks, Dean Koontz, Josephine Hart and Yann Martell to Paul Torday, Alexander McCall Smith and Wilbur Smith.  To say I feel humbled and honoured in such company is something of an understatement.


I can't wait to start seeing it on bookshelves. Unbound are taking it to the Frankfurt Book Fair and it's already popping up across the internet, so we shall see what happens...

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for supporting Seas of Snow, and for your patience as it begins its journey to publication. Without you it quite simply would not be on this journey. You will be getting your name in the book, of course, and it's also worth saying it's not too late to get others involved if you can think of anyone else who might like to be part of all of this. Each and every penny raised from now on goes towards the marketing campaign to set it up for success - and all new supporters also get their names in the book. So please spread the word to anyone you know who likes a good read! Unbound as you know are a force of literature and I think what they do for authors and the integrity of their art is nothing short of incredible.

I'm sorry I've been absent for a while - there's been a lot going on, not least the creation of a whole poetry anthology and lots of work in my spare time on my new book. 

I shall leave you for now with another poem - this time in honour of my friend Maggie, whose beloved father has sadly passed away. I wrote this for my dear Nanny last year, after visiting her in her hospice. She died four days later.

Au revoir, 

Will something change in the air?

Will something change in the air?
Will the birds know?
Will something change in my heart?
Will the beats slow?

Will the clocks stop ticking?
Will the clouds go grey?
Will the sun stop shining?
Will the treetops pray?

Will the streets grow silent?
Will the chatter stop?
Will the traffic mourn?
Will the noises drop?

Will the dawn draw close?
Will the stars shine less?
Will the moon weep soft?
Will your heart confess?

Will my eyes see yours?
Like they did this week?
Will your smile linger on?
Will your soul-spirit keep?

Will you search my face?
Will you see me true?
Will you feel my affection?
Will it comfort you?

You looked so frightened
So scared to sleep
You said 'I'm dying'
And you whispered deep.

Your breath came scorched,
Your chest heaved sound,
Your small frail frame,
Curled skeletal round.

My love lights darkly,
The room settles shy,
The birds you love,
Won't know when you die.



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