Seas of Snow

By Kerensa Jennings

A psychological thriller that explores whether evil is born or made

Sunday, 27 September 2015

I watch the quiet unfold

The news is still sinking in. It's been more than a week now since we reached 100% - and on the one hand I feel dizzy with excitement. On the other, real life rolls on and it's been back to work after a short break - and a busy week that took me to Leeds on day one and Edinburgh on day two.

Several people have been asking me about how I find the time to write. The truth is, I'm writing in my head nearly all the time. And all the experiences of my life, the things I see, the things I hear, taste, breathe in... All these things meld into a tapestry in my mind - so when I put pen to paper I often  scarcely recognise the inspiration, but there's muscle memory there which infuses my writing and my ideas.

Sometimes it's more explicit, with a story or a poem prompting directly from a chapter in my life. I'm sharing another poem today which falls into this category. I was working with Cambridgeshire Police while in charge of the BBC News coverage of a high profile case. This was also the case that inspired my interest in the mind and motives of a psychopath which lead to me writing Seas of Snow.

I remember crying when I wrote this poem and I still feel very emotional when I read it. Thank you once again to each and every person who has helped me on the journey to being published with Unbound. I hope you are having a lovely week wherever you are and whatever you're doing.



They walk in blackness
Coal tar damp
Straggles of straw
Remnants fractured

Silent screams pierce the birdsong
Ancient leaves fold in, protecting

I watch your shape, entwined eternal
Primitive stasis
Pearl bone light

You two now one
Melted together
The chill breeze lingering
Above your skull faces

Overhead, an aeroplane flies by
But noiseful in its intrusion

Your bodies resting, now
Soft into the ground
Soil still scorched
Like you

I watch the quiet unfold
Over you and in you
Stygian in its stealth

I think about the man who did this to you
And my blood black purple screech stops

I watch your stillness settle 
As the night of all your tomorrows descends

I see your twinness
Feel your light
Angels breathe over you
Your blackness walks

A thousand hearts cry.



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