Seas of Snow

By Kerensa Jennings

A psychological thriller that explores whether evil is born or made

Crime | Fiction
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Publication date: February 2017

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Is evil born or made?

Seas of Snow is a story of broken trust and shattered dreams. Of consequences. Of a life lifted and liberated by poetry. Of a life haunted by darkness and lived in fear.

This is the tale of Gracie Scott, who becomes fascinated by the work of Rainer Maria Rilke and delights in his words for guidance and succour. But when her psychopath uncle Joe enters her life, is poetry enough?

Alternating between contemporary North Tyneside and around the time of World War Two, Seas of Snow dances through time, backwards and forwards between the literary reveries and troubles of the young girl, and the old woman of today, frail and isolated in a nursing home.

Seas of Snow is a bleak psychological thriller about trust and betrayal told with a distinctive and complex narrative voice.


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1st edition hardback book and the ebook edition
  • Kerensa Jennings avatar

    Kerensa Jennings

    Having started her career in journalism and television programme making, Kerensa is a storyteller at heart. Writing is her passion.

    Kerensa is Director, Office of HRH The Duke of York, KG. She runs The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) which is part of The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust. She is also very proud to be Visiting Professor of Media, Strategy and Communications at the award-winning University of Huddersfield.

    Kerensa has worked with Sir David Frost as Programme Editor of Breakfast with Frost at the BBC, and has made numerous award-winning programmes, films and projects. The roll call of people she has worked with, written for or directed over twenty years includes everyone from Nelson Mandela to a number of British Prime Ministers to Sir David Attenborough, James Nesbitt, Alex James, Fiona Bruce, Rageh Omaar, Rory Bremner and Billy Bragg.

    Highlights include the years she spent as Head of Strategic Delivery at the BBC, creating the strategy for the pan-UK digital education and engagement campaign 'Make it Digital'; making a documentary with George Alagiah; an eight part series for the prestigious BBC Natural History Unit on palaeontology; a documentary on the Soham murders; being the BBC's Election Results Editor; running New Year Live on the BBC; working at Sky; and being part of the small team that launched Five News at ITN.

    Another side of her career reflects her interest in psychology - Kerensa is a trained, qualified and accredited Executive Coach, Executive Coach Supervisor, MBTI practitioner and Workplace Mediator. She is particularly fascinated by the psychology and motives of psychopaths. It was this interest that sparked the inspiration for Seas of Snow, although all the characters in the story are fictional.

    In writing the novel - the first of three literary psychological thrillers inspired by her work in the field - Kerensa also weaves in her love of poetry.

  • Prologue

    Its low, guttural kraaa pierced the air and echoed into nothingness.

    Powdered whiteness bleached the horizon.

    A silver sun hung low in the sky.

    Something glinted on the ground, discarded in the snow.

    The chill of a wing’s breath swooped past.

    A trace of something lingered on the breeze.

    Chapter One - Claws

    She could still feel the retching stench of his presence. Soap suds were melting away around her, softly.

    The cold water shivered into her.

    His darkness had breathed into the room and the ash-treacle-bitter foulness of him enveloped her small, white form.

    He had reached down and seared her skin with his touch. She looked down and tucked her chin onto her knees.


    Of course, the picture she presented to the world was a mask. What choice did she have?

    The rain trickled into dropletted patterns down the glass. Rivulets darting about – fat luscious large ones and tiny, sparkly, little ones. Almost swimming. A kind of kinetic energy which belied the mistiness of the rainfall.

    Outside, the view was hazy through the spray. Splashes of green and grey. The odd moment of purple or yellow.

    Spring then.

    Her heart was beginning to beat with that familiar anxiety. Inside, she knew she just had to get through it. Again. Deep breaths.

    There was a straggly set of daffodils squatting in a white china vase downstairs. The formica gleamed. A scent of polish lingering in the air. It was a house that looked like one of those dream homes you saw on pictures. But this wasn’t what anyone could call a home. Wasn’t home meant to mean something warm and inviting? Safe and cosy. Hearth and heart. Home, sweet home.

    This house was a dream that never was. More like a pristine laboratory of hate.

    The daffodils caught the sunlight in a cheery yellowness. She bowed down and smelled them. Strangely chemical rather than floral.

    “You ready, then?” he asked.

    She looked up, nodded.

    The man wore a long black coat and a long, stern face. He had slightly raised eyebrows, as if questioning.

    Her mother’s brother.

    She couldn’t bring herself to call him uncle – that would have been as much a lie as calling this house a home.

    She collected her things and walked through the door he held open for her. The cold rain lingered on her cheeks and clung to her eyelashes. Her soft hair began to feel damp.

    Joe had been in her life for the last seven years. He turned up when she was five. She remembered how it happened.

    It was bath time. School was still a novelty in those days and it had been a day of painting and sunshine. Mam was sloshing the water around and the warm water felt delicious.

    The doorbell rang. Mam hurriedly gathered her up out of the bath and wrapped a rough, peach towel around her. She gave her a little kiss and said she would be back in a minute. Won’t be long, pet.

    Then, a gasp which became a kind of squeal. Like an animal, but Mam.

    She peeked her head around the banisters and looked down. A man was standing in the doorway. Mam was clasping her hands to her mouth, though it was hard to tell if it was shock or joy or something else.

    The man came inside and tentatively held Mam with both hands around her arms. There was murmuring – she couldn’t hear what was being said... then another exclamation.

    “Gracie, come and meet your uncle!” her mother called.

    Still wrapped in the rough, peach towel, Gracie toddled down the stairs. She eyed the man.

    He looked at her. She was about as sweet and precious and lovely as an angel. Her blond curls were damp about the neck.

    “Give your Uncle Joe a kiss, pet”.

    He swooped her up, a tiny towelled-up bundle, and his raspy, scratchy stubble itched her skin.

    She smelt like lemons.

    Gracie had never heard of an uncle before. But then again, you don’t know everything when you’re five.

  • 20th August 2016 Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

    Dear Seas of Snow supporter,

    As the Summer sky greys and whites into a bleak, rainy day, it seems a good time to write to you again. The sound track is breezes whispering through the leaves of my garden and some classic Ella Fitzgerald; the view is white rose petals whirring in eddies through the green.

    It's been an exciting few weeks. The cover art for the book has been finalised - and a publication…

    25th October 2015 Preparing for my lecture...

    In my spare time over the coming few weeks, I am putting together the finishing touches for what will be my inaugural lecture at the brilliant, award-winning  University of Huddersfield. Earlier in the year, I received the immense honour of becoming their Visiting Professor of Media, Strategy and Communications. My home faculty is the School of Music, Humanities and Media. 

    I've been trying to…

    27th September 2015 I watch the quiet unfold

    The news is still sinking in. It's been more than a week now since we reached 100% - and on the one hand I feel dizzy with excitement. On the other, real life rolls on and it's been back to work after a short break - and a busy week that took me to Leeds on day one and Edinburgh on day two.

    Several people have been asking me about how I find the time to write. The truth is, I'm writing in my head…

    18th September 2015 Thank you - a gift

    So now we move from waiting in the wings to the full glare of the stage. Exciting and daunting in equal measure.

    I'd like to thank everyone who has supported Seas of Snow and helped me get to this extraordinary place. I am so deeply humbled by and appreciative of you and the generosity you have shown. Thank you.

    I'm abroad at the moment surrounded by mountains and the chill of the September…

    19th August 2015 Waiting in the wings

    It feels a little like being backstage in a production, waiting for the curtains to rise. You can hear the murmur of anticipation from the wings. But you don't know what the reception will be like. Whether the performance will do justice to your vision.

    Or in the gallery making a TV show, watching the clock ticking down and feeling the adrenalin course through the veins. That buzz of excitement…

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