Scraps of Wool

By Bill Colegrave

An anthology of the finest of travel literature

Friday, 29 January 2016

News of Scraps....

We are close to the end of the research part of the creation of the book. I have so many wonderful and entertaining passages to sift and select. They have to be passages that stand well on their own. Some books just do not lend themselves to extracting representative pieces; others seem to be made for it (like the difference between Wagner and Puccini). I am also very much influenced by the choices of others, becuse it is more interesting that a book or passage was the catalyst for someone's own adventures.

So many of you, the Supporters of the book, have contributed ideas. Thank you all. But this is not at an end. I welcome any comment or suggestion and will acknowledge all that I can use in print.

Once we have the long list of passages selected we will refer them to our Editorial Board for advice. That includes several of the Supporters and many of the travel witers: Dervla Murphy; Rory MacLean; Nick Danziger; Jason Elliot; Robin Hanbury Tenison; Justin Marozzi; Rick Grand Jean in New York; Peter Schwartz in Toronto; John Gimlette; Tony Wheeler; Kevin Butler in Santa Fe; Colin Thubron (as adviser); Sarah Anderson; Nigel Winser and more.

We are also into the arduous task of clearing permissions with authors' agents and publishers.

The book will continue to be sold on the Unbound site until just before publication in the trade. The book that all the Supporters buy is not the same book that will be sold in the trade via Penguin group. It is a smarter, better bound edition that is only available for Supporters.


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