Scraps of Wool

By Bill Colegrave

An anthology of the finest of travel literature

Friday, 6 November 2015

More wings for Scraps of Wool

Scraps of Wool is looking good with 66% subscribed today and significant amounts also committed to come in soon. Thank you all so very much for your support. This crowdfunding is new to most of us, but really is the way that publishing used to be before the big battallion publishers took over for most of the 20th Century. Now its all on-line rather than in the coffee houses. The reader is back in charge (and does not seem to be choosing ghost written celebrity biogs).

Scraps is even more of a cooperative between author and reader, because so much of the content is also being crowdsourced. Two Sir Christophers have been inspiring me this week: first Chris Bonington who told me that as a boy, evacuated to the Lake District in the war, the Alps and Himalayas seemed unattainably distant, but a passage from Murray's Mountaineering in Scotland sent him hitch hiking over the border to explore 'a wonderful expansive wilderness'. Then Christopher Ondaatje directed me to Fawn Brodie's The Devil Drives about one of the most celebrated travellers of all, Sir Richard Burton; 'it changed my life', he says.

Please send your own chosen passages. The richness of Scraps is that each excerpt has been a catalyst for someone's travels. I want the reader to be able to identify with those that have chosen the books and explained why. Please be editorial Supporters as well as funding Supporters; many of you already are. You can put the suggestions here as a comment on this page or at or to me by email at


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