Scraps of Wool

By Bill Colegrave

An anthology of the finest of travel literature

Friday, 12 February 2016

Help needed with Hemingway, please.

News of Scraps of Wool:

Scraps is moving along well. Soon I will send a long list to our Editorial team and hope that they have time to look at some or all of it of it and give their views. Then we will have a final selection.

Meanwhile I need some help with Hemingway. Surely this collection of the inspiring, the memorable and the entertaining in travel literature should include something from the old hound? But we have not yet found the right passage. I dont want to insult him by including an insipid passage or just a brief quotation. There will be very few brief quotations; the objective is that the passages will be discreet anecdotes, events or narratives of about 2-3 pages average. I am lucky to have such a distinguished and interesting group of 200+ Supporters; I suspect that there are some among you who can help with a suggestion for this. And I am still open for other ideas if you have not already sent them, as so many of you have.

Please contact me at or on 07990010754.

We are also working our way though the cumbersome permissions process. Clare Maxwell Dickens is over from Washington and is taking the lead with this time consuming process.

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