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Scraps of Wool

By Bill Colegrave

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An anthology of the finest of travel literature

Publication date: November 2017
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About the book

A celebration of the finest travel literature,

A collection of the passages, stories and moments that have inspired our finest travel writers and their readers

‘Of all the world’s books, the best stories are to be found between the pages of a passport’

Scraps of Wool will be a classic celebration of the genre, bringing into one volume passages that have enthralled and excited generations of readers. This is not a reference book, but a book to be read; each piece, a story, a memory, an inspiration.

Scraps of Wool celebrates inspirational travel writing. It has been compiled using the choices of today's greatest living travel writers, plus, via social media and links with the Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society, with the reading public itself. The crowd funding and the crowd contributing are working hand in hand. Now Unbound subscribers can also contribute suggestions.

The chosen passages will ring enchanting bells for those who are already converts and be a tasting menu for those who are new to it.

The bedrock for Scraps of Wool is passion…the travellers writing about the places that they love; the adventures that have fulfilled them and they want to pass on to us.

Authors and others who have contributed their choices include; Dervla Murphy (Full Tilt, Where the Indus is Young, The Island that Dared and many others), Anthony Sattin (The Pharaoh's Shadow; The Gates of Africa), Alexander Frater (Chasing the Monsoon), Jason Elliot (An Unexpected Light; Mirrors of the Unseen), Justin Marozzi (Baghdad; City of Peace, City of Blood; The Way of Herodotus), Hilary Bradt (Bradt Guides), Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet founder), Robin Hanbury Tenison (Great Explorers; Oxford Book of Exploration), Rory MacLean (Stalin’s Nose), Pico Iyer (the Lady and the Monk, Global Soul), Sara Wheeler (Terra Incognita; Travels in a Thin Country), Nick Danziger (Danziger’s Travels, Sarah Anderson (founder The Travel Bookshop, Notting Hill), Rupert McCowan (Director Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong) Colin Thubron (In Siberia, Behind the Wall, To A Holy Mountain, The Lost Heart of Asia and many more), Artemis Cooper (biographer of Patrick Leigh Fermor), John Gimlette (Wild Coast), Isabella Tree (Sliced Iguanas), John Keay (Where Men and mountains Meet, Explorers of the Western Himalayas; Eccentric Travellers) and more (see Authors’ Shed for full list)

“The idea of this book was born when a single paragraph in one of the great travel books sent me to central Asia in 1977, and has been sending me back ever since. It started with my library but has gown into a far bigger project with the enthusiasm and support of the writers and the public” Editor, Bill Colegrave

Travel writing is like “...scraps of wool caught on a barbed wire fence that must be collected, spun and woven into fiction in a book.” Jonathan Raban.

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