By Sam Fraser

Surviving a Stereotype

Monday, 23 May 2022

Now We are Thirty (%)

Hello lovely pledgers! Or should that be pledgends! (It definitely should.) An update from the rockface as we continue the steady climb to the summit whereat we shall shout ‘Scorchio!’ to the four winds as we stand on the pointy bit.

A warm welcome to the newer members of our merry band who have joined the quest since my last update. I am so grateful for your support and the pledges you have made. Knowing that you are at base camp yelling encouragement and sharing news of our adventure in publishing means the world. No man is an island and that goes for women too. 

Crowdfunding a book in these inflationary times is not easy. It is hard to ask people to be philanthropic and dig down the back of the sofa for some loose change when those very people are eyeing up that same sofa and wondering if they can pay the leccy by putting it on Facebook Marketplace. However, ideas are important and humour is essential for wellbeing. I like to think that Scorchio! is full of both and that they are worth investing in. (And let’s face it, a good book lasts longer than a good bottle of wine.)

I am not a natural saleswoman or somebody who has ever enjoyed blowing her own trumpet. My trumpet has been sitting tidily in its case at the back of the wardrobe out of sight, frankly. However, I’m forcing myself into places where others gather and I am politely suggesting that my book will make them laugh and think and feel a bit nostalgic and laugh some more and nod ruefully and raise their eyebrows and be slightly (perhaps even greatly) appalled and then laugh even more.

If you are in a place where people gather (your kitchen, the office, the school gate, social media) please politely mention THIS GREAT BOOK YOU’RE SUPPORTING WITH A GREAT CROWD OF LIKE MINDED PLEDGENDS! Tell them about the unique rewards available! I have been back out gigging on the comedy circuit, honing my skills ready for the person/company/society that pledges for my twenty minute stand-up set - an absolute steal at £300! Sure to make any event totally unforgettable! In short, I’m doing everything I can think of because I absolutely want to pay back the faith you have shown in my project.

We are at thirty percent. I am heartened. The air is thinning. It’s just one foot in front of the other, right? Back to the climb, pledgends!



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