Scenes of Moderate Violence

By John Moynes

A collection of poems ranging from the funny to the frightening

Monday, 3 April 2017

Thank you all.

Huge thanks to all of you for supporting this project so far. I'm now two thirds of the way towards my goal, so here's a bonus poem to enjoy.


A Capital Idea

The bolt of cloth spits at a well made coat
Near Thomas Street, where workers’ flats remain
A butcher subdivides the next month’s wage
And clutches the dark pint that keeps him sane
Enough to face a day of blades and blood
And keep the sharp end safe beneath the shelf
A classless conflict does nobody good
The working person must protect himself
Subconscious capital can lurk within
Then burst in boasting start up rage
And drown in unoriginal sin
The shabby tulip mania of our age
Have you a choice apart from strife?
Escape the idiocy of urban life?

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