Scenes of Moderate Violence

By John Moynes

A collection of poems ranging from the funny to the frightening

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Publication date: April 2019

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Scenes Of Moderate Violence is the debut collection from award winning poet John Moynes. Written between 2013 and 2016 it depicts a world recovering from economic turmoil and then collapsing into fear and despair. There is also a bit about a time travelling cowboy who can recite two poems at once.
Between the comic poems, and sometimes in them, themes of war, class struggle, insanity, fantasy and science fiction appear and blend and separate. Literature, or more precisely its practitioners are also given both praise and an enthusiastic kicking.

Many of the poems in this book were written for performance, but unlike many slam poets the author frequently uses traditional forms of verse such as sonnets, ballads and villanelles. As such they are ideal poems to encourage your family to memorise, especially if you want one of your children to be expelled from a good school.

This book is also a useful tool when evaluating a potential suitor. If they laugh at the funny bits and nod sagely at the profound sections then they are clearly a person of intelligence and compassion. If at any point they become aroused you should notify the authorities.

Remember also that a collection of poetry is also a source of peace and solitude in an increasingly hectic, noisy and terrifying world. Just read this book in public and people will give you a wide berth and do their best to avoid eye contact.

Poems from this book have been performed on national radio and onstage at The Abbey Theatre, and some have been set to music by artists working in styles from contemporary art music, to electronica to country and western.

Scenes Of Moderate Violence is a book that refuses to be pinned down, and it is aimed at readers who do the same.


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