Scenes of Moderate Violence

By John Moynes

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A collection of poems ranging from the funny to the frightening

Publication date: April 2019
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About the book

Scenes of Moderate Violence is the debut collection from award-winning poet John Moynes. If you think that modern literature doesn’t include enough time-travelling cowboys, then this is the book for you. If you need poems about history, love, death, madness and the future then buy this book now. If you want a new pair of jeans you’re probably in the wrong shop. 

With poems ranging from the funny to the frightening, this is a book that refuses to be pinned down – and is perfect for readers who do the same. 

‘John Moynes will make you laugh and make you think, and while he's at it he'll break your heart in a hundred different ways. Every poem in this collection is a thing of rare beauty. And so is each and every line. John manages to do that very difficult thing of being deeply wise while being deeply funny. And I deeply hate him for that.’

Paul Howard, author of the Ross O’Carroll Kelly series


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