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Monday, 22 July 2013

Good heavens to Murgatroyd! 

I've just returned from the very excellent Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate - the only lit fest dedicated to crime fiction in the UK - and what do I see? New supporters of Saving Grace and that it is already 6% funded after just over a week of being with Unbound.

So my warmest thanks to all of you for taking the plunge and getting us off to a magnificent start.

I know I'm teaching you smart, erudite and if may I say so, deliciously lovely folk to suck eggs, but you do know that if you become a promoter you get free credits to bump up your initial pledge, don't you? Have a look at the 'promoter' part of the Unbound site, it's a really good idea and costs you nothing!

So back to Harrogate. I was there to interview Charlaine Harris who is the superb author who came up with the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired the True Blood TV show. She is a lovely lady with a brilliant southern states accent and a wicked laugh. The audience were enthralled by her account of what has happend since the publication of the 13th and last novel in the series "Dead Ever After" from receiving death threats - "in Spanish, like that makes it classier," as she said to being hounded by fans who wanted their ending to be the one she decided on and getting quite fesity, very cross and even resorting to name calling when she followed her own plan. Oh the price of authorial success! 

Other festival goers included Kate Mosse, Jeanette Winterson, Ruth Rendell, Lee Child, Natasha Cooper snd the wonderful Val McDermid who is as lovely a breakfast companion as one could wish for. She told me that during Jeanette's  interview with Ruth, Jeanette all but proposed to the Grande Dame des lettres, a suggestion that was met by a twinkly eyed Rendell with the retort. "How delightful, but I don't think so, dear!"

Mark Billingham, a former guest programmer at the festval was there as ever alongside Ian Rankin and the sharp eyed among you may notice Mark's name among the grwoing list of suoporters for Saving Grace... I can neither confirm nor deny that he was co-erced during the 5 hour ride back to London I gave him when he realised that trains from Harrogate to London, on a Sunday, in 33ºC might not be fun. We had a good natter and listend to the cricket whilst motoring through the countryside (albeit via the M1). And yes, J.K Rowling/Robert Galbraith was mentioned... and no, I can't tell you...!

So, here we are in week 2 of the Great Saving Grace plan for publication. As I'm quickly realising it's a numbers game and if you can tweet/Facebook/LinkedIn or otherwise promote your interest it will published all the sooner...

A numbers game, I tell you, and therefore as easy as 3.1415... 926... is it?... erm... what's the rest of Pi? Where does the tiger fit in? Bugger, where's Yann Martel's email address? He'll know!

Yours aye.. and again, thank you, all of you, very much indeed!



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