Saving Bletchley Park

By Sue Black

The story of the saving of the home of modern computing

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Saving Bletchley Park Update and THANKS to our FABulous subscribers :)

When I handed in my manuscript last July we had a meeting at Unbound. Unbound were very happy with the manuscript, but felt that the book would be strengthened by including a history of Bletchley Park as, of course, not everyone will know that history, and appreciating the remarkable achievements Bletchley Park made during WW2 would demonstrate why it needed saving. We all agreed that this was a good idea and my great friend Steve Colgan was tasked with writing that history. 

Steve set to work and has now has written a fabulous history of Bletchley Park which we have intertwined throughout the book with my story of the Saving Bletchley Park campaign. 

The full manuscript is currently being copy edited and should go for typesetting in a couple of weeks time. We are SO EXCITED about this. 

At the same time as this Steve and I are currently finalising work on making sure that we have an accurate account of the great efforts to save Bletchley Park before my story started in 2003. 

Saving Bletchley Park has taken a lot longer to produce than I ever expected. I respectfully thank all of you wonderful 976 subscribers (at 4/2/15) from the bottom of my heart for being so patient. I know that you will not be disappointed and am SO GRATEFUL for your support. THANK YOU :)

The special first edition containing all of your names is currently sheduled to appear late Spring/early Summer, so not too much longer to wait now. I aim to write much more regular blogposts now that things are really moving along, do let me know if there is a particular topic you would like me to write about, there's so much I could write about I find it very hard to choose. What would you like me to write a blogpost on? I look forward to hearing from you....


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Rob Lee @ Office Network Systems
 Rob Lee @ Office Network Systems says:

Wonderful news, #Exciting

posted 4th February 2015

Caroline Jones
 Caroline Jones says:

I'm so delighted to hear this news. Well done for your work so far. It can't be an easy task!

posted 4th February 2015

Shirley Moth
 Shirley Moth says:

Thank you Sue and Steve! I'm sure it will be well worth the wait! :-)

posted 4th February 2015

Anne Clarke
 Anne Clarke says:

Well done Sue. Can't wait. In terms of Blog Posts it would be good to hear the stories behind some of the people who have helped you put the book together.

posted 4th February 2015

Kathy Jacobs
 Kathy Jacobs says:

Congrats! Looking forward to getting the book!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Turing notes found in Hut 6 at Bletchly

posted 4th February 2015

Sarah Murray
 Sarah Murray says:

Well done. I have really enjoyed following this journey with you Sue. I can't wait to get my hands on the book! Exciting indeed :)

posted 4th February 2015

Sophie Duport
 Sophie Duport says:

Can't wait! Really looking forward to to. Well done!

posted 5th February 2015

Chris Loxley-Ford
 Chris Loxley-Ford says:

I have been so saddened by the treatment of Turing and others especially as their work was so crucial to shortening a bloody war, so really look forward to your book - all power to your fingers in its production !

posted 6th February 2015

Jacky Dols
 Jacky Dols says:

Great news and thanks for the update Sue!
This way we are a little bit more involved in the process.

posted 7th February 2015

Shaun Rock
 Shaun Rock says:

Great News!! Thanks for the update. Keep the great work going.

posted 7th February 2015

Sue Black
 Sue Black says:

Thanks so much for your support and your lovely comments , it's really great to hear from you all :)

I met the lovely women who is copy editing my book last week and am very excited about getting her feedback on the manuscript. she said that she is making copious notes. It will be fun to go through them with her in a couple of weeks and find out what she thinks.

We will also be working on the cover design again soon and the design for the inside of the book. I can't wait to show you, it's going to look so awesome :)

Thanks again, not too much longer now,

Sue x

posted 9th February 2015

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