Saving Bletchley Park

By Sue Black

The story of the saving of the home of modern computing

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saving Bletchley Park page proofs are in!!

Great news! The page proofs of the book are finally in and approved. So not long now till we have the book in our hands, yippee!!

It's looking good, thanks so much for your patience. I can't wait :)

As soon as I know when it will be delivered I'll let you know.



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Darren Bowles
 Darren Bowles says:

Fantastic news Sue. Can't wait!

posted 1st December 2015

Photon Qyv
 Photon Qyv says:

That's great news (:*

posted 1st December 2015

Jim Mortleman
 Jim Mortleman says:

Woo-hoo! :)

posted 1st December 2015

Clyde Wilson
 Clyde Wilson says:


posted 1st December 2015

Mike Ball
 Mike Ball says:

And another Christmas comes and goes

posted 4th December 2015

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