Saving Bletchley Park

By Sue Black

The story of the saving of the home of modern computing

Friday, 28 March 2014

From Tower Hamlets to Buckingham Palace

I've just had a great meeting with Isobel and Dan from Unbound. Things are moving along with the book, we have had a great chat about including memories of some of the women who worked at Bletchley Park and the style of the book. I'd like it to look quite like a series of blogposts, but of course taking into account the fact that it still needs to look good as a book. We are meeting up again next Friday.

I've had an interesting few days this week. Yesterday was a fun day. I spent the morning teaching social media to mums at Bishop Challoner school in Tower Hamlets and then travelled down to Brighton to talk about our #techmums initiative to the annual university IT Directors conference UCISA in Brighton. Both events involved very interessting conversations around empowerment and technology with really switched on people. I really love my life sometimes.

Before the UCISA dinner last night I chatted to the after dinner speaker John Lloyd of Spitting Image, Blackadder,Not the 9 o'clock news  and QI fame. What a great guy, and what a coincidence for me because he is involved with several of the lovely Unbound crew, so we know lots of people in common. The world gets smaller every day.

Right, I'm off now to be interviewed by GeekOn radio for Mother's Day, and then I'm off to Buckingham Palace to tell them about #techmums. Have a great weekend all. 

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Lisa Crispin
 Lisa Crispin says:

Wow, you are certainly getting around! Looking fwd to the book!

posted 28th March 2014

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