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Saving Bletchley Park page proofs are in!!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Great news! The page proofs of the book are finally in and approved. So not long now till we have the book in our hands, yippee!!

It's looking good, thanks so much for your patience. I can't wait :)

As soon as I know when it will be delivered I'll let you know.



Saving Bletchley Park - New Covers! But which one should we choose?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New covers are in!! Unbound have been working on the front cover for Saving Bletchley Park and have just sent me through the most recent three along with the first two. After looking at them all for a few minutes I've got a clear favourite, but I'd love to know what you think. We will be having a meeting next week to discuss the covers so I'd love to get your feedback before then. Which do you like…

Saving Bletchley Park Update and THANKS to our FABulous subscribers :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

When I handed in my manuscript last July we had a meeting at Unbound. Unbound were very happy with the manuscript, but felt that the book would be strengthened by including a history of Bletchley Park as, of course, not everyone will know that history, and appreciating the remarkable achievements Bletchley Park made during WW2 would demonstrate why it needed saving. We all agreed that this was…

The Imitation Game – Art Imitating Real Life?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Having spearheaded the most recent campaign to save Bletchley Park and being part of the campaign to get Alan Turing on a banknote I was very apprehensive about seeing the new film “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. The Imitation Game is based on Andrew Hodges biography of Alan Turing and his codebreaking work at Bletchley Park during WW2.

I spent several…

Saving Bletchley Park update - Bletchley Rocks!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Its in! I submitted my manuscript for Saving Bletchley Park at the end of last month just before going away on holiday, I'm really looking forward to getting feedback from Unbound :)

My great friend Steve Colgan is working away on adding the historical aspect to the book, and we have meetings coming up later this month with designers for the style and layout etc. 

Steve and I recently…

From Tower Hamlets to Buckingham Palace

Friday, 28 March 2014

I've just had a great meeting with Isobel and Dan from Unbound. Things are moving along with the book, we have had a great chat about including memories of some of the women who worked at Bletchley Park and the style of the book. I'd like it to look quite like a series of blogposts, but of course taking into account the fact that it still needs to look good as a book. We are meeting up again…

RIP Captain Jerry Roberts - Bletchley Park Codebreaker

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I received the extremely sad news this afternoon that Captain Jerry Roberts, Bletchley Park codebreaker and great Bletchley Park champion died last night. Jerry was the first codebreaker to get in touch with me after I was on BBC News in July 2008 asking people to help Bletchley Park. He was a wonderful man, really dedicated to raising awareness of Bletchley Park and his 3 Ts: (Bill) Tutte, Tommy…

Mavis Batey - 19 year old codebreaker

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The recent very sad death of the fabulous female codebreaker Mavis Batey has reminded me how we are now getting close to the time when there will be no more Bletchley Park codebreakers alive. This is something that has worried me from the time when I first visited in 2003. Over the last 10 years I've got to know quite a few veterans and to a person have always been extremely impressed and humbled…

Getting closer to submission...

Sunday, 21 July 2013

I've been working had on getting my first draft submitted to Unbound as soon as I can as we all would like the book to be out this autumn. It's such a massive amount of work. I had respect for authors previously, but that has now deepened to utmost respect for anyone who has ever written a book. It is such a massive task.

I've been using Scrivener to write my book. It has taken a bit of time…

We've got it!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

I recently recieved this great pic from Chris Smith, thanks Chris. Taken in 1999 it shows some of the trustees, staff and volunteers involved in Saving Bletchley Park in the 1990s standing in front of the mansion house at Bletchley Park. I love it!!

Thinking Digital 2013

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I was delighted to be invited to talk about my book at the Thinking Digital Conference in Newcastle last week. It was an absolutely amazing conference with fabuous speakers on all sorts of digital related subjects from 16 year old Jack Andraka discovering and producing a new cheap and more accurate test for cancer to user experience design from Aral Balkan and new ways of looking at art and photography…

Jean Vallentine

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hello everybody!

Doesn't time fly?

I've spent the last few months writing and interviewing people for my book, finding out lots of interesting things about the history of the park and the many peple involved in making sure that it is there for us all to enjoy today. 

One of the reasons I got involved with Bletchley Park to start with was finding out all about the contribution of the more…

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