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This evening I finally had time to finish reading 'Saving Bletchley Park', the new book by my friend Dr Sue Black OBE. It's a book I can thoroughly recommend, especially if you are the slightest bit interested in using social media to power a campaign. On one level this is an illustrated masterclass in how to do just that. Sue saw a problem ... a site of incredible national historical value that was being left to ruin ... and she determined to try and save it. How she did so is a personal adventure story which I identify with very strongly as a campaigner myself. At a time when others were sniggering at Twitter, she was learning how to use it as an effective tool. And she used practically every other tool in the box as her campaign gained traction. But this is also a great book about the history of one of Britain's most closely guarded secrets, and the birthplace of modern computing. There are other books where you can read about the Bletchley work as well, but Sue tells it from a really human angle, with a particular emphasis on the thousands of women (many just out of school) who formed the majority of the secret workforce. You'll love this book, I promise Christine Burns MBE
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