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Thursday, 27 October 2022

Sticky Toffee Gulab Jamun

Sticky Toffee Gulab Jamun. That’s it. That’s the theme for October. I’ve been testing this recipe endlessly over the past few months. It stuns me that I don’t have giant Gulab Jamuns coming out of my ears yet. There’s still time, however.

Thankfully, this Asian-British fusion dish is almost ready to share with you in all its’ pillowy, rosy caramel glory.

If haven't yet experienced the soft and squishy, syrup-filled joy of Gulab Jamuns, you’re in for a treat. These soft, cakey balls of fried milk and rosewater syrup appear on wedding banquet tables, restaurant menus and in home kitchens for a reason. When it comes to the world of South Asian desserts, Gulab Jamun are not a nice-to-have, they’re imperative. A core part of the dining experience. Gulab is the Hindi word for ‘rose’, btw.

I serve them sizzling hot, in a pan, drenched with rose and saffron sticky toffee sauce, made with soft brown sugar. A drizzle of cold cream, edible rose petals and pistachios serve as their final flourish. This is a culmination of two of my favourite desserts, and one that reflects my British-Indian roots in the most dazzling fashion.

The full recipe will be printed in Sanjana Feasts, the cookbook you have so kindly pledged for and pre-ordered. You can expect more playful recipes like this in the book you will receive. Thank you for coming on this exciting journey with me. Please do continue to share this page with anyone you think will enjoy a plethora of new Indian-inspired fusion dishes, all from my British-Indian kitchen.

Sanjana x

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