Sanjana Feasts

By Sanjana Modha

Original recipes of savoury & sweet feasts: delicious plant-based Indian comfort food for your soul.

Friday, 29 July 2022

POLL: Vote to reveal a delicious recipe at 75% funding!

We're approaching the end of our first week and I am absolutely blown away by the camaraderie and kindness of every person who's backed my debut cookbook, Sanjana Feasts. Thank you to every single one of you.

As you're probably already aware, I'm very excited to get this cookbook out into the world. I've spent a great deal of time thinking about the recipes I think you'll enjoy and most importantly, cook often. My next target is to get to the 75% mark as soon as I can. I'd love your support and shares to help me get there. When I do, I'll be revealing one delicious recipe (in full) from my cookbook. Best of all, you get to pick what it is! 

From now, until I reach 75%, I'll have a live poll in a reel pinned to the top of my Instagram feed for you to vote on which of these never-seen-before recipes you'd like. Then, when I reach 75%, I'll share the complete recipe as an update here, exclusive for subscribers only.

If you haven't subscribed yet, please do and pick the recipe you'd like to see! I'll be sharing the most popular one when we reach the target, but don't worry - the others will be in the incredible cookbook that'll hopefully be in your hands very soon.


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