Sanjana Feasts

By Sanjana Modha

Original recipes of savoury & sweet feasts: delicious plant-based Indian comfort food for your soul.

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

100% funded. You made it happen!

It's official. Sanjana Feasts, the cookbook is happening. Yesterday we reached in excess of 100% funding for this delicious ode to modern Indian cuisine. I couldn’t have done it without the 850+ people who have so kindly pledged over the past 4 weeks. Some of you may know that I’ve been food blogging for the best part of 14 years (!). It’s been a long road getting here. I’m electrified to be able to say this right now.

Over the years, I’ve developed hundreds of recipes, taught myself how to cook, style food, operate cameras and photography equipment, as well as learned to use photo and video editing software. I’ve done it so that I’m able to produce badass content in a way that brings the food I love to life. It’s exciting, detailed and visually beautiful for a reason — so that you can confidently recreate it at home, to enjoy with your friends and families, or even by yourself. After all, we eat with our eyes and food has the power to bring on all the fuzzy feelings. To teach, to share, and to connect with you through social media has been a pleasure and privilege. I’m ready for this adventure. Are you?

Next, I will complete the book, updating you as I go along. Please check the pledge page for the publication date, which will be updated in due course. There is a wealth of information here around what happens now the book is fully funded, the publishing process and when you’ll get your copy. I’m doing all of my own recipe development, styling and photography. For those of you who have pledged for Watch & Learn packages, there will be videos of recipes taken from the book, so I will be filming and editing those too. This tiger orange, new school, Indian vegetarian book baby is going to be a labour of love. All the best things in life are though, aren’t they?

Thank you. This means the world to me. Jaw-dropping Indian food incoming… roarsome.


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Meena Samani
 Meena Samani says:

Dear Sanjana

Congratulations!! You absolutely deserve it for all your generosity over the years, sharing your wonderful recipes which also made us nostalgic for our time in East Africa. The photographs that you took and the videos that you have made have been as luscious as the food!

It must have bee sheer hard work for you, but it is clearly a labour of love and we are thrilled to see the results and receiving the cook book. All the very best for the future..

Cheers.. Meena

posted 25th August 2022

Hiral Patel
 Hiral Patel says:

Knew you could do! so pleased for all of us too! true to your roots..and with such authenticity! I have loved making from your recipes and watching the videos, whats more magical is your exact measurements that just keep working every time! what a lot of hard work you have put in and taken the stress out of us..can't wait to eat, sleep and breath this book!
Best luck..

posted 25th August 2022

John Crawford
 John Crawford says:

Yay! Soooo looking forward to making my house smell (lovely!)!! Congrats!!

posted 25th August 2022

Peter Wood
 Peter Wood says:

Congratulations! As a lifelong enthusiast for vegetarian Indian cookery, I couldn't be more excited!

posted 25th August 2022

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