Welcome to the Shed

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hello. Welcome. Do come in. Sorry, it's a bit messy. Sort of bat cave meets laundry basket. Yes, of course, feel free to move that pile of books. It might be difficult to sit down otherwise.

When I signed up with Unbound one of the things I was most excited about was having my very own writer's shed. I'd be just like Roald Dahl, with a box full of well-sharpened pencils, reams of virgin paper and someone bringing me tea and gin as appropriate.

Then the good folk at Unbound politely informed me that it was actually just a digital shed. "You know, Harriet. Digital. Online. Like we have in the 21st century."

"Oh," I said, trying to hide my disappointment. "You mean, it's an IMAGINARY shed."

"Yes. If you like."

"Oh," I said. "Imaginary. So that means it can be any kind of shed at all?"


(Picture here a slow grin creeping across my face...)

"So it can be a palace? Or a hot air balloon? Or a complex system of underground tunnels?"

"Yep. Go crazy."

Unbound has not yet learned that it's dangerous to encourage me. I'm currently building a bat cave meets underground airborne wind-powered palace which is also the biggest library in the world with ocean views in a deep dark forest. I will try not to let the renovations interrupt with the important business of book writing. And tea and gin would help (HINT HINT, Unbound).

In the meantime, I will be posting regular updates on life in the shed, writing about the Summer School and badgering more good good people to contribute towards the project. Some posts will be public and some will be just for the enlightened folk -- like you -- who have already bagged a spot.

As they say, watch this space.

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