A Birthday Gift

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Unbound are turning six! Six years ago, three crazy-mixed-up kids came up with an idea. They pitched it to investors. They designed a website. They told their stories. And, lo, it worked. People came. They pledged. They bought books. And Unbound brought out beautiful, special editions, bringing the voices of prize-winnning authors to the world. 

Actually, it was probably rather more unglamorous than that quick six year wrap. Probably lots of writing and rewriting and calling - no answer - calling - no answer - calling - no answer. Lots of late nights and oh shit moments. Taking deep breaths and plunging in, knowing there are no guarantees it will work. A bit like writing, in the end. 


Anyway, the point of this little reverie is Unbound is having a birthday and we get the presents! Until April 30 they are offering free shipping in the UK, and four pounds off shipping outside the UK. So if you've been hesitating to take the plunge and make a pledge to Sanctuary, the pictorial history of Dartington International Summer School, now is the perfect time. Just use the #freeshipping code. 

If you have already pledged, can I suggest that it's also a good time to share this with friends who you think might be interested. Teetering on the edge. Bookwardly mobile. Don't forget to tell them about the #freeshipping.

And I shouldn't be telling you this, but the #freeshipping doesn't just apply to my book. It applies across the board, so if you're in the mood to support great ideas, take a look around. 

I'll be back soon with some more tales from the archive but, for the moment, just remember: #freeshipping!





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