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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Vintage diary part vii

The reds started on Tuesday and haven't stopped. In the pauses between truckloads, we've fortified the Muscat (Andy stayed at the winery until midnight, when the density hit 1043 - sort of like trying to get the Delorean up to 88mph), racked a lot of white, assembled the 2016 rosé, deep-cleaned the presses, and drunk a few beers. 

For something new and different, I've been given the task of tasting 32 barrels and 11 years worth of Rivesaltes Ambré to come up with the blend for the new release. Which is exciting and daunting all at once. This isn't a one-off cuvée, it's part of the core range. So nothing to worry about there, then.

I went throught to Coume del Mas Thursday to process Mourvèdre for Quadratur. I got there before sunrise, so watched the sky run the gamut from deep pink to orange to brilliant daylight over Port-Vendre Plage. Philippe opened some nice bottles with lunch and going back to work afterwards was hard. 

A rare day off today. Planning to go for a run, but so far this morning I've just been staring vacantly at the sailboats on the Med and contemplating all the parts of my body that hurt. There's a fog hugging the water about a mile or so off shore. That lingering haze the sun just hasn't yet worked up the energy to blow off. 

The view from Collioure Plage on my run last Wednesday.

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