Salt & Old Vines

By Richard W H Bray

A real taste of winemaking - true stories about a wine, the people who make it and the place it's made

Friday, 16 September 2016

Vintage diary part v

The storms left and took the summer with them. It’s cold in the mornings now, especially before the sun rises. Everything’s crisper, and the light more golden. Autumn’s here, regardless of the date. 

We only pressed twice yesterday. Beautiful Grenache Blanc and Gris. I cooked lunch for the winery team and we drank some Provençal red. Andy then gave me the afternoon off, so I went for a short run and showered and caught up on emails. Did some writing as well, some of it ok. 

We ate pizza, drank some Lugana, and had an early night. 

More Grenache Blanc this morning - possibly even better than yesterday. The juice is lovely. We cleaned the must pump and the must hose this afternoon. That means the reds are coming in soon. That means it’s about to get really, really busy.

The view from my run on Thursday afternoon - that's the pier in Collioure

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