Salt & Old Vines

By Richard W H Bray

A real taste of winemaking - true stories about a wine, the people who make it and the place it's made

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Vintage 2018 diary

I went for a walk in the vines above Collioure this morning. It was cool and clear. Autumn arrived properly yesterday. The temperature dropped from 28 to 18 and the Tramontane kicked up, blowing a gale. I've been here just over two weeks. It's gone too quickly. I've not written much. My Instagram stories provided a fleeting view of what was going. The fruit, the reds in particular, have been good, but there are still a lot more to come in. The team was good too. We had a beer tap installed at the winery, which was both a blessing and a curse. It came from a local brewer, who grows his own organic barley and hops. 

This afternoon, I fly from Girona to London. I hate leaving before the work is finished. There's still a lot to do. More grapes. More remontages. More cleaning. More racking. 

It feels like I should say more, but I'm tired. I think more might come on reflection. As I remember the mornings before the sun and chewing ripe Mourvèdre skins at Coume del Mas, the full moon rising above the Med and the garlicky bite of fresh aioli. Saying goodbye here is always difficult. But at least I know for sure when I'll be back.

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