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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hello, all. I'm terribly sorry about the lack of updates here. I didn't even post that some crazy folks gave me an award for the Best French Wine Book (UK). And I totally forgot to mention that Salt & Old Vines made two year-end top 10 lists of best books about wine. How could such things slip by? What happened to the rest of my 2014 vintage diary? 

Well, I've been quite busy, you see. I've written a new book. 

"A new book?!" you ask?

Yup. Brand new. And not about wine, either. It's a novel set in Scotland in the 1990s. I'm not sure if the 1990s counts as historical fiction quite yet, but I'll grab every appealing category that I can. It's another Unbound project, which you can support here:

So if you liked Salt & Old Vines and want more, or if you didn't like Salt & Old Vines and want to see if I've improved as a writer, please support my new book, In Cathedral's Shadow. Thank you.

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