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Monday, 25 May 2015

images from the Roussillon

I was down in Collioure in February, to help blend the 2014 whites. It was a good trip, but as usual, it seemed a little short. I wasn't stuck in the winery the whole time - Andy and I headed out into the vines to see how the pruning was going. I brought my camera along to see what was worth seeing. 

This is a piece of schist, the dominant soil type of the region, quite perfectly layered. It's quite essential in shaping the style of our wines (but we don't really know.) 

The trunk of an old Grenache Noir vine, with a chunk of loose schist next to it. 

The new barrel room at Mas Cristine. Reds on the left, fortified Rivesaltes on the right.

Ever wonder how cork is made? Well, good ones are cut from a single piece of bark. This is local Roussillon cork.

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