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Friday, 12 August 2016

Being Mankind

I have quite a few updates semi-written at the moment, and in less than a month I fly to France for Vintage 2016. However, this shed post has nothing to do with any of that. It's actually about another book. And not an Unbound book (sshhhh...). It's a book, and a project, called Being Mankind, and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it. It is a collection of stories, essays, poems, by some truly remarkable people (and me), for an excellent cause. The launch party was last night and I was overwhelmed by the stories of courage shared. And the book is beautiful. There's even a dashing photo of yours truly somewhere near the back. So please, check it out. Buy a copy. Buy several copies, in fact, as it's for a very good cause, and the start of something new and good.

And if you haven't done so yet, please support my first novel as well, because it's really quite good. 

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David G Tubby
 David G Tubby says:

You realise that your readers might be more inclined to buy copies of the book you recommend if you said something about the book, like what is it about, as opposed to simply that it's by remarkable people. An indication of what the "very good cause" is might also help. Some people would regard the RNLI as a good cause whilst some might go for ISIS; can I simply accept that you and I would agree? Yes, of course, I can go on Amazon to check up on the book, but it is you that are trying to sell it to me, not vice versa.

posted 12th August 2016

Richard W H Bray
 Richard W H Bray says:

Hi David,
Thank you for commenting. I'm sorry I didn't give a rough description of the book or its cause. Instead, I included a link to the book's website explaining both those things. I was quite excited and had limited time and felt that was the best way to get the message across. There will be a subsequent post filling out the details about the project.

posted 16th August 2016

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