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Salt & Old Vines

A real taste of winemaking - true stories about a wine, the people who make it and the place it's made by Richard W H Bray

Review for Salt & Old Vines

Teaching winemaking at Plumpton College, I see many potential students who have a passion for wine. They have enjoyed many bottles of wine, maybe watched "A walk in the clouds" or done a sanitized winery visit. I usually and patiently have to explain that winemaking is not like that and they should think about what they are signing up for. After catching a glimpse of Richard’s Unbound film, I realised I might now have a resource to send my student to. I pledged my support and patiently waited for my hardback to arrive. I wasn’t disappointed by the contents at all as I soon discovered Richard had eloquently caught the life of a winemaker. The ups, downs, stains, injuries and beers, the long hours and the rare days off. Many of the stories were my stories, but I found them told by someone who could make them funnier and entertain. So Salt & Old Vines is going on the College reading list, and as my students prepare for their first ‘real’ vintage, I am going to suggest they read it before heading off.