Salt Lick

By Lulu Allison

Jesse and Isolde, a boy and a woman, linked across time and the feral fields of wild England.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

The Cow Chorus is ready to roll.

I am so delighted that Salt Lick is funded. I am thankful to many people and have been blown away by the support. Thank you. I hope that I can do it justice, that you will come to feel proud of having your names listed in the book as a supporter and that you will enjoy reading Satl Lick when you get your copy. (There is still time to add yourself to that list if you would like to.)

I have a little dash of rounding off to do before submitting the manuscript to Unbound. I really enjoyed the editorial process with Twice the Speed of Dark. I think the collaborative aspect of working with an editor only strengthens the book and if my experience last time is anything to go by, helps the author gain a better understanding themself of what it is about! Of course, timeframes and working practices are subject to strange pulls and I don't know how it will affect publication. I hope not too much as it seems that, in spite of an ultimately positive and hopeful book, some of what I have written is a 'How Not to Move On From a Pandemic' guide! 

Thank you all for bothering to engage with me and with Salt Lick, and for some going further and supporting the publication. It means more than I can properly expres.


PS: if you would like to sign up to my newsletter, I will be sending out some free related short stories, based on the peripheral characters in the book, soon: 

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