Build Your Sales Tribe

By Steve Schrier

How to build an effective commercial team in the information age

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Thank You!


I wanted to let you know that today I reached 100% funding on this book project. I am so thrilled that you have supported this project and thank you very much for your generosity. I am looking forward to you getting the book with your name in it (if you elected to have it). 

I am told the publishing process takes 6-12 months. I am obviously keen to get it out as soon as possible but I want to make sure it is done properly. I will post updates on how this is going but the first step is to send the manuscript I have completed to Unbound for copy and structural editing. I am hoping that this isn't as brutal as the first copy edit I had on this in 2018!

Many thanks again for your support. It really means so much to me. 

Best wishes,


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