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Build Your Sales Tribe

By Steve Schrier

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How to build an effective commercial team in the information age

Publication date: February 2021
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About the book

You can have the best product in the world with all the funding and ambition to go with it. But if you don’t have a successful commercial approach, scaling a business will be very difficult. And whilst there are many books on how to sell, little has been written about the more important problem - how do you go about building the commercial functions of a business that work most effectively?

Build Your Sales Tribe set outs to change that. Management, investors, and shareholders will find this book invaluable.

It also recognises that the world of sales has undergone a massive change. The world is becoming smaller, data is becoming bigger and communications and engagement are becoming easier.

Today buyers are empowered like never before. In smaller sales, those requiring little interaction, including most business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, sales people are simply becoming order takers. But for more complex business-to-business (B2B) sales, which are becoming more commonplace as the business world changes, a well-structured commercial approach is important as never before.

But where are the sales people?

Finding good commercial people is a challenge and this is a resource that is going to get scarcer. Build Your Sales Tribe will guide the reader through setting up commercial functions, supplying tools and methods to build solid foundations and clear processes. This will allow a clear idea of the types of people and the functions they need to perform to build a successful commercial approach to B2B sales.

The book is designed to deliver advice and a series of practical projects on each of the topics that can be completed by the reader to make it work for them. It is designed to allow the reader to dip in and out using it as a reference tool when necessary.

The book covers:

• Attitude and approach;

• Characteristics of good commercial people;

• Interview questions to ask;

• Targeting;

• Pricing models;

• Sales process;

• KPIs and measurement;

• Negotiation techniques;

• Account management;

• and many more topics.

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