Build Your Sales Tribe

By Steve Schrier

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How to build an effective commercial team in the information age

Publication date: February 2021
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The Business Book Awards 2022 Finalist

The world of sales is undergoing a massive change: the world is getting smaller, data is getting bigger, communication is becoming easier, and buyers are empowered like never before. 

Build Your Sales Tribe is a manual for navigating this change and bringing your business into the future. It is based on a fundamental tenet: if you don’t have a solid commercial approach, scaling a business is near impossible. In the Information Age, generalist salespeople for ‘simple sales’, those used by most business-to-consumer (B2C) and some business-to-business (B2B) organisations, are becoming redundant. Businesses need the right approach to more complex sales – one that has value for both the buyer and seller.

This book guides the reader through setting up functions and foundations that will allow them to build a successful approach to sales and find the right salespeople for the job. It delivers advice and offers a series of practical projects on a wide range of topics from interview questions to targeting customers, pricing models to measurement, ethical approaches in selling to diversity and inclusion, negotiation techniques to account management and much, much more.

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