Running Tracks

By Rob Deering

The playlist and places that made me a runner

Monday, 4 January 2021

This is the year...

Happy New Year everyone - hope you had a lovely Christmas and these strange times are treating you well, or well enough.

In timely fashion, Running Tracks is moving forward in ways that promise a very exciting year for me - so thank you.

First and foremost - and before I share it with the wider world - here is your first look at the beautiful cover, just as it will be IN REAL LIFE come the Summer:

I hope you like it as much as I do - the Saul Bass-inspired design by Mark Ecob is exactly what I wanted.

Look out for this on the socials, and do spread it around; I want more people to pre-order, and get excited, of course, but mainly I just want the wide world to share in this cover's beauty!

Thanks again for getting me this far. Here's to a brighter 2021.

RD x

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