Running Tracks

By Rob Deering

The playlist and places that made me a runner

Tuesday, 3 November 2020


Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been in touch for a few weeks; what a time it's been, for me and for everyone!

But now, suddenly, we're back where we were. Running Tracks, and your support, were the fuel in the tank of the Lockdown earlier this year, so despite the darkness of these times I feel very lucky that I'm going to be working on it again in the coming weeks, as the first part of our edit coincides with Lockdown 2, or if you'd prefer, The Lockdown Strikes Back.

If all goes to plan, Running Tracks will be with you next Summer, when maybe things will look a bit different. Here's hopin'.

I'll be in touch along the way. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

RD x

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