Running Tracks

By Rob Deering

The playlist and places that made me a runner

Monday, 3 August 2020


Happy new month everyone. I had hoped to hit 100% by the end of July, but as Running Tracks is within a whisper of 90% funded, I'm not complaining; really feel like we're going to get there now.

And, not to be too maudlin, but last August was when my Dad died; so much of this book is about my relationship with him and his Parkinson's that it'll be a really beautiful thing if it comes to fruition within the year.

Here's hopin'!

Thanks all.

RD x

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Leonard Symeonides
 Leonard Symeonides says:

I can't wait to get my hands on this - I'm a regular listener to your and Paul's Running Commentary, and look forward to reading both your books! On the subject of dads: I had my first camping experience with my 3-yo on Friday (he loved it!) and my sister reminded me that it was 6 years to the day since our dad died...

posted 4th August 2020

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