Rory Hobble and the Voyage to Haligogen

By Maximilian Hawker

A boy, struggling with OCD, must journey with his social worker through space to rescue his mother.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The Final Week...


This time, next week, we will be counting down the hours to the closure of crowdfunding for Rory Hobble and the Voyage to Haligogen.

In the last three weeks, almost 100 fresh supporters have come on board and an additional £1,600.00 has made its way into the campaign. At present, we are 68% funded with £1,700.00 left to find.

I'd like to extend a big welcome and thank you to all of Rory Hobble's most recent supporters and to you all for your continuing support. I have been blow away by the response to this book and I will fight for it all the way to the wire, as it's going to be close.

I've played just about all my cards now, and that includes a sponsorship request to Barclays (who I contacted back in August but they didn't respond!), so we'll see if something comes of that.

In the meantime, if anyone wishes to 'upgrade' their pledge from, say, 'Digital' to 'Paperback' or from 'Super Patron Paperback' to the new 'Super Patron Paperback + Alien Whale Talisman' then log into Unbound and get upgrading. I've also had the price reduced for the 'Artwork Package Plus' pledge level from £500.00 to £350.00, and that is definitely worth a look as you get a unique, original painting for your trouble!

Other than that, please do spread awareness as much as you can for this one final week of activity and let's get the book over the line!

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