Week 1 Update: Promotional Tweets, Press Coverage

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Greetings, readers,

Rocket Jump's crowdfunding campaign has been active for a week and it's already appealed to over 70 backers. More than 20 pledges poured in during the past 24 hours. Thank you so much for your interest and support thus far.

With the campaign's first week in the bag, I'd like to provide an update on coverage so far and promotion planned for the future. Part of crowdfunding is planting seeds: contacting editors and podcasters who might have interest in your project, shaking down friends and family, maintaining a social media presence that doesn't cross the fine line that separates promotion and pestering.

I'm happy to reveal that many of the seeds I planted are bearing fruit. A writer from SyFy.com spoke with me last week and will be publishing an article from that interview later this week; I'll share it on Twitter (@davidlcraddock) and in an update here once it's been published. I wrote a piece about Rocket Jump's campaign for Shacknews, the excellent gaming and tech website where I published Rocket Jump last winter; you can read that here.

Last week I did two Reddit AMAs: one on the IAMA sub-Reddit, and another on the Quake sub-Reddit. I received excellent questions from curious readers. You can read those questions and my answers using the links provided.

Every other day or so on Twitter, I've posted photographs, extracts from design documents, and other material relevant to Rocket Jump. You can check out those tweets below, and expect many more over the remainder of the campaign.

--Slipgate sketch from E1M1 (photo courtesy of John Romero)
--Quake's penultimate level layout

Also, former id developers Sandy Petersen and John Romero tweeted about Rocket Jump. Thanks for the support, guys!

As always, remember to (nicely) bug your friends, family, colleagues, gaming friends, and anyone else with even a passing interest in game development and/or culture to support Rocket Jump. The enthusiasm of the book's supporters so far has been critical to mounting interest. Let's make this happen together.



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