Book Excerpts from April 9 – 13, Promotional News

Monday, 16 April 2018

Greetings, all,

I'm back with another round-up of tweets containing excerpts of Rocket Jump. If you missed any excerpts posted over the week of April 9-13, use the links below to do some reading.

In promotional news, I'll be joining the ARGcast (Another Retro Gaming Podcast) later today to talk Rocket Jump and FPS games from the '90s. I'll share a link to the podcast as soon as it's available. I always enjoy talking with hosts David Giltinan and Robert Workman, two editors I worked with at Retro Videogame Magazine, and am looking forward to catching up.

Finally, Rocket Jump was mentioned in an issue of RetroGames Daily by @daddyogames. Thanks for the shout out!

  • April 10: Various #Quake 2 developers share their thoughts on the game. (My opinion: One of #FPS gaming's most underrated campaigns.) Learn more in Rocket Jump, being published by @unbounders in hardcover and digital editions. #retrogames #gaming
  • April 12: Sonic the Hedgehog's got nothing on Rise of the Triad's drunk missiles. Learn more about the development of #Quake and other #FPS games from the '90s in Rocket Jump, up for pre-order on @unbounders:
  • April 13: As usual, #Quake 3 and @idsoftware were trendsetters, and in many ways. Learn about one in this excerpt from #Rocket Jump: #Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters, up for pre-order on @unbounders:

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