Rinse, Spin, Repeat

By Edie Fassnidge

A graphic novel about my experience of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It feels GREAT to be drawing again!

A long overdue update to all you brilliant brilliant people who are supporting my journey to become a published author!

I'm now busy working on the final version of the book and am absolutely loving spending part of my week engrossed in sketching and colouring again. It feels like I've come a long long way from this time last year when Rinse, Spin, Repeat first started taking shape as a graphic memoir. Back then every day was a challenge as I re-lived the horrors of 2004 without any knowledge of whether or not anyone would be interested in what I was doing. At times I felt like I was holding my breath for hours on end as I poured out all my memories and thoughts on to paper.

This time round it's much easier. It's still hard drawing about what happened, but now I know I'm doing it with the support of all of you, and with the exciting prospect of seeing my book on the shelves in the not too distant future. I can't quite believe it!

I've always been the type of person who works well under pressure, which is just as well as I have the most incredible reason in the world to get everything finished and submitted in the next few months....the arrival of my first baby this summer! 

Thanks to all of you for making this happen,


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Dan Pryce
 Dan Pryce says:

Excellent news, hope all is going smoothly with the pregnancy and wish you the best of luck.

posted 11th March 2015

Fran Millhouse
 Fran Millhouse says:

Congratulations, what lovely news x

posted 11th March 2015

Eve Turner-Lee
 Eve Turner-Lee says:

Such wonderful news!
Looking forward to seeing your book.
Best of luck with it!

posted 12th March 2015

Dominic Jackson
 Dominic Jackson says:

Fantastic news !!! Hope all is well, all the best to you and Matt, Dom x

posted 12th March 2015

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